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Y Griega´s growth starts with such dramatic force that it is highly recommended to grow it in S.C.R.O.G., to make it more manageable. Unlike other Sativas, this plant surprises us with a vigorous production of buds that are large and extremely resinous, covering all the branches. In a recent analysis done by CANNA Reseach with a gas chomatograpy, has obtained the highest level of THC among all our plants. This plant maintains the classic haze scent while combining it with a slightly sweet flavor, which makes it stand out from the rest of the crowd! Its effects begin with a jolt of energy slowly followed by an overall feeling of relaxation yet you remain alert. Specially recommended for diseases requiring high levels of THC as glaucoma.


2nd //TreatingYourself Cup, Canada 2012; Best Sativa 

1st // Cannabis Canarias Cup, 2011; Extraction category 

3rd // Ala Cannabis Cup, 2010; Indoor category

1st // Cannabis Canarias Cup, 2009; Indoor category 

20% indica 80% sátiva
Muy alto
Amnesia x Kali Mist
Indoor vegetative period:
1 - 2 weeks
Indoor flowering period:
85- 95 days
Indoor production/m2:
500 gr
Outdoor height:
Up to 3,5 meters
Outdoor harvest:
Early November
Outdoor production/m:
550 gr